Get Involved


Real life Ghana offer volunteer projects that enable you to be part of positive change in the developing world.
Sharon and her team oversee your placements and your needs to make your stay in Ghana as fulfilling, comfortable and exciting as possible.

Do you have the strength of character to immerse yourself into a different world and culture to do something that you can feel good about for the rest of your life?
This could be the perfect gap year experience or break from work for you.
You will see that Ghanaian’s are some of the friendliest people in the world. Just one of the many reasons to volunteer in Africa with Real life Ghana.

We have many necessary volunteer projects available, your assistance is always required and makes a difference in many lives.

Try a teaching project.

Or do you have a specialized vocation that you would like to participate in? Some qualifications may be required – speak to us!

If you like, try your hand at a real-life African pastime, employment or experience.

Your participation inspires and lifts the local people, and it gives them hope. The cost of your placement goes directly towards your chosen venture, (unless it is a thriving business in which case the funds would go towards one of our charity projects.)

Here are some of our recommended ‘real-life’ working holiday experiences:


Amamomo Real life Ghana is incorporated as a non profit organization.
A volunteer board of directors in the UK and Ghana oversee the organization which Sharon runs on a day to day basis with the assistance of volunteers and a minimally paid staff.
Your generous donations are always welcome and help us to give more children a future without poverty. They help us to spread our wings further to get more children permanently in school.

As often is the case, once a parent sees that someone else is serious about their childs education, it makes them even more determined not to let it fall by the way side.

Our projects are kept alive and thriving by your generous donations and our own small business ventures.
The cost of your volunteering or adventure placement goes directly towards the running costs and building of the school in Kurabe, or to sponsoring a child back to school.
At Amamomo we have a music studio where we work with local and international talent and also an outdoor cinema which the local people enjoy for a very minimal cost. (volunteers and guests are also welcome!)
Any profits from these go towards our projects. You can also be a part of this by sponsoring a child or ‘buying a chair’ in our cinema/garden.

Want to donate/make an impact but only have small to spare?

For £25 you can ‘buy a chair’ in our open air cinema and garden. By having your name engraved on one of our chairs you get to leave an indelible print and be a part of positive change in the eradication of poverty.

Thank you!