Ghana is such as special place, known as the gateway to Africa and originally the Gold Coast, it is full of tales and treasures that once enter your heart will never leave. Cote’d’Ivoire is next door and as its name suggests, famous for it’s Ivory which was transported in ship loads to the West. The treasure of the Gold coast, also, unfortunately sits predominantly in the British museum.

Whilst originally from the UK, I lived in Ghana for almost 15 years. My husband and all five of my children were born in Accra and to say that life was interesting would be an understatement of infinite proportion.

A lot happened to that developing nation in the time that I was there. For starters, on first arriving, it was a 30 minute tro-tro ride to the nearest internet cafe and by the time we left in 2013, eighty percent of people, including those in most remote villages, had a mobile phone.

The warmth in Ghana is undeniable, obviously from the intense heat of the sun being in direct line with the equator, but it’s equally warm from its people. Human heat, my Suisse friends used to call it, and I guess that’s what kept me there for so long.

Mostly, people can’t do enough for you. Their resilience at the mere harshness of life in a place that has been pillaged of all of its material wealth, was second to none. No matter what has been taken from Ghana, Spirit has not.

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